Tips to Minimize Alcohol Related Insurance Claims

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Basic Tips to help with Risk Minimization in the Bar – Restaurant Business

Owning / Operating a bar or restaurant can be a very prosperous endeavor. As far as insurance and liability is concerned it presents many risks as well. With alcohol accounting for 50 percent or more of the profits in many cases there is a chance that you may have to deal with an alcohol related insurance claim. Having solid restaurant – bar insurance is a great way to minimize your risk, but it is never a bad idea to analyze how you handle potentially hazardous situations as owner operator.

  1. Always check IDs – A common cause of liability claims is  underage drinking.
  2. Be on the lookout for signs of intoxication – Too often insurance claims arise from someone who has been drinking too much. It is important to educate your bartenders on recognizing when a customer has had too much to drink, and to inform the customer they have right to refusal of service.
  3. Alcohol Server / Bartender training – This training better equips your servers and bartenders to be better aware of intoxication, underage drinking awareness, and serving techniques.
  4. Proper Licensing – In order to run your business legitimately it is important to be familiar with liquor licenses, and permits. Without the proper permits any liquor related claim will fail to go through.
  5. Liquor Laws – It is important to become familiar with liquor laws in your state. It is important to comply with these laws.

It is important to have every advantage to succeed. This is very true when it comes to choosing your business insurance. Night Clubs and Bars present unique insurance risks and it is important that you have the right coverage. Gould Insurance is ready to assist you in attaining this coverage.

The Business Owners Policies we carry for bars and taverns covers everything from vandalism, storm damage, common perils, flood, sprinkler damage, expenses associated with business shut down and more. For a free business assessment and a no obligation quote call us today 386 734 3970.

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