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One of the greatest assets to any company is its employees. As a business owner, you count on them for service, special skills and knowledge to help progress your business. It is important that as the employer they can count on you to take care if them if an accident happens with adequate Workers Compensation Insurance coverage.

Workers Compensation is very important insurance to have as a business owner. Workers Comp is compulsory in the state of Florida,  and in most cases, mandatory by law. Failure to carry or meet state regulations as far as workers compensation insurance is concerned can result in not only having to pay benefits out of pocket, but penalties levied to the state of Florida as well. Workers compensation insurance may be provided by a private insurance carrier, or depending on the size of the business, may opt to self insure.

Workers compensation insurance can:

  • Protect your business and its assets
  • Pay part of lost wages if an injury on the job results in time away from work
  • Pay medical expenses for an injured employee

Workers compensation insurance can come in to play in many scenarios:

  • An injury that occurs to an employee in an auto accident while running work related errands
  • An employee suffers carpal tunnel syndrome from working on a computer
  • An employee is injured while handling heavy merchandise
Unique Employment Situations

If your business has fewer than four employees you may be exempt from the workers comp act. As far as domestic servants are concerned (such as a house maid) employers may provide voluntary workers comp coverage.

The benefits available under Florida Workers Compensation law are:
  • Temporary total disability
  • Temporary partial disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Rehabilitation temporary total disability
  • Death benefits
Disability Benefits

There are a total of 6 disability benefits that workers comp will compensate. Payments that fall under the temporary total disability are determined by a percentage of the workers wage and are made available up to 104 weeks. These benefits are subject unemployment and social security insurance benefit offsets.

Payments that fall under permanent total disability are based upon a percentage of the workers wage and subject to a weekly maximum payment amount. These payments continue for the duration of the disability. Payments that are made for the permanent partial disability are subject to a weekly maximum and are based upon a percentage of the worker’s wage.

One of the benefits that workers comp offers is death benefits. Death benefits are payable to the employee’s surviving spouse, as well as spouse and children. This percentage is based upon a percentage of the employee’s wage. Being sure that you are fully insured for a catastrophic work related incident such as death will give you a peace of mind. There were a total of 227 work related deaths in the state of Florida in 2012. A scary thought is that if you subtract weekends, this number entails a death per day.

Workers compensation is a very important subject for any business owner.We represent some of the top Workers Compensation Commercial companies in the state of Florida. If you are a business owner and are in the market for workers comp insurance look no further than V.W. Gould Agency.

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