Florida Thunderstorms

Caught Outdoors in a Florida Thunderstorm?

Florida thunderstorms come and go with little warning, particularly in the warmer months of the year when we are most likely to be enjoying outdoor activities.

In the event that you are caught in a thunderstorm you should immediately seek shelter in places such as:

  1. Seek Shelter – If there is a building nearby it is important to seek shelter and to be sure all of the windows are shut. Avoid pavilions, picnic tables, and outdoor structures.
  2. Low Grounds – It is important that you avoid open areas and hilltops.
  3. Keep Your Distance From Tall Objects – Avoid tall or pointy structures. Also avoid telephone poles, flagpoles, telephone poles, and fences.
  4. Get Out of the Water – If you are swimming, fishing, it is important to get out of the water immediately.
  5. Spread Out if you are in a Group – If you are caught outside in a thunderstorm with a group of people maintain a distance of 50-100 feet between each person. Doing this will reduce the risk of lightning traveling from person to person.
  6. The “Lightning Crouch” – Squat with your feet together, head tucked to your chest, and your hands covering your ears therefore giving lightning a smaller target. It is important to not lie on flat ground, as this gives lightning a much larger target.

florida thunderstormBeing outside a midst a thunderstorm is never a safe bet. Lightning strikes pose a serious threat to people and property. Listen to weather reports if you have outdoor activities planned and if thunderstorms are in the forecast, reschedule.

Thunderstorms come and go as they please and in many instances getting caught in a thunderstorm is not planned. Despite your best efforts you may still find yourself caught outside when an unexpected thunderstorm approaches.

It is important as a homeowner that you take precautions to better protect yourself and your home against lightning strikes. Being a Florida resident, lightning strikes are a very common occurrence in Florida but taking the right steps of precaution will allow you to better manage your risk against this peril that is so imminent in our state.
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