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flood insuranceFlood Risk in Florida

According to FEMA the highest ranked natural disaster in the United States is flooding. Flood insurance is a policy that can be added to most homes, no matter what their location.

Many believe that if you reside in a flood prone area you are unable to qualify for flood insurance. This is not true, just about anywhere can be protected with flood insurance.

A big insurance misconception is that homeowners insurance covers flood risk

This is not true, as homeowners insurance policies typically do not cover flood damage. It is important to know flood insurance is a separate policy.

Many homeowners in Florida also believe they don’t live in a flood zone

This is a very bad misconception, as FEMA has designated the whole state of Florida as a flood zone with varying levels of risk.

In Florida it is important that you get flood insurance no matter where you live.

As a Florida Resident it is vital that you make sure you are well covered and prepared for home insurance risks such as flooding. The National Flood Insurance Program warns that as much as 80% of Florida’s population lives in areas that are at a high-risk for flooding. In the state of Florida more than 18 flood related national disasters have been declared since 1997. That is why making sure you have adequate flood insurance in the case of a flood is so important. Whether its a hurricane, tsunami, or as simple as a thunderstorm and high water table levels it is always a good idea to be prepared and have peace of mind knowing you are covered. For more information regarding flood insurance check out our page on flood insurance facts. Gould is ready to help you attain the best Florida Flood Insurance policy possible.

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