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We represent the top A-rated yacht insurance companies in the Nation, allowing us to tailor a policy to your specific needs. Yacht’s require coverage all their own and it is important you speak with someone experienced in the field. At Gould we have bee insuring yachts since the beginning. The late Frank Gould, (member of the Gould family) was Captain of the USS Sterret 407 in World War II. Pictured to the right is the battleship he captained. To the left, Captain Frank Gould.

Florida presents many perils and hazards. It is important you have the right coverage to protect your investment from the many perils the sunshine state presents. Whether it be a hurricane, equipment breakdown, tropical storm, theft, collision or captain error there is a lot that can go wrong out on the water.

Yacht Insurance is required at most ports

Liability insurance is an essential coverage if you are a yacht owner. To port at most marinas, liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 is often required. Physical damage coverage is optional, however, yachts are not a small investment and physical damage coverage is an important coverage to consider.

Like any major investment, yachts need the right insurance coverage. The right Yacht Insurance will provide you with a peace of mind when taking to the water.

At Gould we work for you not the insurance company. With access to multiple A-rated yacht insurance providers we are able to shop the market and place you with a company that is right for your needs with a competitive price.

At Gould  your complete satisfaction is our number one concern.

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