Home Preparation For A Florida Winter

As the temperatures drop, it is important to winterize your home for top notch performance and energy efficiency.

Winter in Florida is mild compared to other areas of the country as you don’t have to worry about preparing for blizzards or sub-zero temperatures. However, there are still steps you can take to prepare for another Florida winter.


It may not be possible to add insulation to your exterior walls, However, one place you can add insulation is in the attic. Adding insulation will help to reduce air leaks, increase water heating efficiency, and effectively winterize your home. Insulation on the water heater is another technique to reduce heat loss.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat saves by raising or lowering your homes temperature while you are away. Programming it to be cooler at night or while your away can also save on your energy bill.

Plumbing System

Frozen and burst pipes may not be a common occurrence in Florida, however, it is important to insulate exposed plumbing for energy savings and the small chance of a burst pipe in freezing conditions.

Heating System

When it comes to the the heating system, it is important to schedule preventative maintenance for the furnace or heat pump in preparation for cooler temperatures. This includes cleaning the blower motor, checking for carbon monoxide leaks, tightening electrical controls, as well as checking the burners.

Windows and Doors

Openings in your home’s windows and doors results in your heating system (and cooling system) to have to work that much harder. Windows can be prone to leaking at the hinges, slides and between double hung panes. An area on the doors that tends to go bad is the weather stripping. If there are air leaks in your door there is a good chance you may need new weather stripping.


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