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In order to attain a reasonable insurance premium in the state of Florida, wind mitigation inspections have become a must have.

It is highly recommended by insurance providers to have this type of inspection. If you have had your house built or your roof replaced after March 2002 there is a good chance it qualifies for additional credit as well as reductions to your homeowners insurance policy. It is also important to have these inspections every 5 years in order to continue receiving the credit.

In the early 90’s after Hurricane Andrew it became apparent that Florida homes were not being built strong enough to withstand the effects of Florida perils. Since then lawmakers and insurance companies began the process of altering the Florida Building code in order to require that home builders use construction methods that make our homes more able to withstand the high wind conditions that are common in our state.

It is likely that wind mitigation credit could save you up to 45 percent on your homeowners insurance policy. Some insurance carriers are able to give you credit if your house was built between now and 2002. They are also able to give you a discount if your home is older than 2002 with an updated roof. There are other qualifications as well. It is important that you have your home inspected by a wind mitigation inspector who is an expert. In the case that your home passes this inspection the inspector will give you a certificate to confirm that your house is able to endure strong wind gusts.

There are several features inspectors look for in Florida homes in order to give you the certificate including:

  • House construction is primarily concrete block
  • Your home has a hip roof
  • Your home has a secondary water resistance barrier
  • Gable end bracing
  • Opening and shutter protection
  • single or double roof straps

Many of the carriers that V.W. Gould Agency represents will provide discounts to the buyer of the home if it meets building requirements.

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