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Florida Perils and Risk Management for Florida Homeowners

PERILSBeing a Florida resident comes with many inherent risks. The many perils that Florida is faced with such as Hurricanes, tornadoes, Flooding, Lighting/Thunderstorms, Fire etc. pose a great threat to you and your family. It is imperative that you know the risks the area you live in are prone to and that you prepare for these risks.

The process that involves identifying risks, assessing risks, and developing risk minimization strategies is known as Risk management. Understanding potential risks and finding ways to minimize their impacts will assist your business in recovering quickly if an incident occurs. Whether the risk is to your home, your business, or your vehicles, it is important to understand these risks and prepare accordingly.

Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying your risks, and figuring out ways to minimize or manage these risks. There are a total of nine major perils property owners in the state of Florida are faced with including.

Understanding And Preparing For The Exposures You Are Faced With

It is important to know what risks you might be faced with in your region of Florida. Getting to know the perils you are faced with will better prepare you for risk minimization and disaster preparedness.

Disaster Preparation

V.W. Gould Agency encourages customers to be prepared always. This especially applies if you live in a disaster prone region of the state. We recommend that you make a plan about how your family will respond to a disaster. It is important to know your risks whether it be a hurricane, flooding, earthquake or fire.

It is important to become familiar with local shelters, evacuation routes, and emergency numbers.

FEMA offers a Guide to Florida Residents that can assist you in preparing you and your family for the disasters that could affect you.

Minimizing Your Losses

It is important to be proactive about minimizing you losses and have a basic knowledge of the risks associated. It is also important to know that the more proactive you are about minimizing your losses the better chance you have of your insurance premiums going down. Some basic things to consider day-to-day include: cleaning up after a spill to prevent falling, not overloading an outlet in order to prevent fire damage, lock and close all windows, and keeping up on basic home maintenance.

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