Are Hazard Lights Legal in the Rain? The Law Explained to Florida Drivers

The debate: Using your hazard lights in the rain, legal or not?

hazard lights in the rainA debate on social media that seems to have been gaining steam lately is whether it is legal or not to use your hazard lights in the rain.

In the state of Florida it is illegal to drive with your hazard lights. It is important to know that hazard lights are for stopped vehicles only. In fact, in most cases first respondents search for hazard lights if someone is in need of assistance or help.

Law enforcement officials also say that hazard lights can impair visibility which is dangerous because it can cause other drivers to think you are stalled or stopped.

Drivers have also been writing on social media saying that flashers make it difficult to tell whether a driver is using a turn signal or braking.

But what about in the rain?

You should not use your flashers in the rain. Flashers make it difficult to see when a motorist is tapping on its brakes and if visibility is so that bad, you should pull over until the driving conditions improve.

For more information of hazard lights in the rain click here.


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