Quick Tips to Save Money at Home

If you are trying to stretch your paycheck a little further these days, you are not alone. Here are some quick tips to save money at the home front.

  1. home expertsLower your electric bill – Most people are diligent about turning off lights when leaving a room. But did you know you can save an average of 5 to 10 percent on your electric bill by unplugging appliances when you are not using them? It is important to note that many gadgets consume power when they’re turned off but sill plugged in.
  2. Close closet doors – Living in the warm state of Florida many homeowners spend a lot of money each year on cooling their home. It is no mystery that keeping your thermostat in check will help save you money. It is estimated you can save up to 1 percent for every degree you adjust up or down. Another quick trick to make your home more energy efficient is to close closet doors. This helps keep your energy costs lower so you aren’t needlessly heating and cooling closet space.
  3. Keep your freezer full – A full freezer runs more efficiently and takes less energy. One trick to help fill empty space is to place water bottle or plastic bags full of water in empty spots.
  4. Weather strips on doors and windows – Another trick to save on energy cost is to install inexpensive weather stripping on doors and windows. There are simple tutorials online to DIY or you can buy a decorative one for only a few bucks.
  5. Bundle communications – It is important to check into bundling your internet, cable and phone services. In many cases you can save a good amount of money by bundling these items.

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