Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Commercial Auto Insurance in the State of Florida

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It is important that when shopping for the best commercial auto insurance rate you consider the following points:

How many Vehicles and Drivers will need to be covered?

Florida commercial auto insurance providers will often separate coverage’s based on the total number of vehicles and drivers to be insured. Fleet insurance is an available option for businesses that have numerous vehicles and drivers. Fleet insurance may be a less expensive alternative than individual per vehicle policies.

What is the definition of Commercial Use?

It is very important to know that your auto insurance policy excludes coverage for commercial or business use of your covered vehicle. A commercial auto insurance policy will do its best to establish a clear definition of commercial use as well. It is important that in order to understand the circumstances covered that you read the definition and terms and discuss this with your insurance professional.

Ways to Lower your Commercial Auto Premium

Ways to lower your Florida Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums include:

  • Driving record – Hire only qualified drivers with clean driving records.
  • Location – The vehicles locations determine premiums for theft.
  • Deductibles – If you are able to maintain a high deductible, this will lower your premium.
  • Safety Devices – GPS, car alarms, seat belts, air bags, and other devices can lower your premium.

Who is being insured?

It is important that you know the insured. It is important to have the full name of the company as an insured, the titled owner, affiliates, and dba, as well as all of the employees as insured on your Florida commercial auto policy.

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