Equipment Rental Insurance

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When a person needs a tractor to clear some land, a party tent for an event or wedding, or a cement mixer to lay concrete, often the place to look is an equipment rental company. If you are in the business of renting out equipment and supplies you may be wondering what is involved with an equipment rental insurance policy.

There are many scenarios tin which you may need to rent equipment or supplies. When it comes to renting it is important to know if you current policy, such as a homeowner policy, will cover you. Equipment rental insurance programs can vary depending on the type of equipment and perils involved. There are many things to consider such as, what if someone is injured while renting your equipment? What if your equipment is damaged?

There are several basic equipment rental coverage’s that you will need, these include:

  • General liability
  • Property insurance
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Workers Compensation

To adequately protect the tools, tents, and other material that you may rent there are several coverage’s that you may want to consider:

  • Inland marine coverage
  • Enhanced general liability
  • Rental agreement

No matter how much liability you pass to the customer it is important that you are fully insured yourself. There is always the possibility that the customer does not have adequate skills or knowledge to be renting your equipment.

Party Rental Insurance

Party rental industry is very big in the state of Florida. Being known as a national tourist destiny there are many events / parties that call for a party rental business. Some of the items that these businesses rent include:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Silverware
  • Tent rentals
  • Grill rentals
  • Porta potties
  • DJ equipment
  • Decor
  • Stage rentals
  • Dance floor rentals and more

Your rental insurance program needs to be designed around your business specifically to cover all these items and more wherever they may be. It is important to speak about all potential risks with your insurance agent. To learn more about tent or party rentals in the Central Florida area click here.

Construction Equipment Rental Insurance

The construction industry requires the regular use of tractors and equipment. Often times an equipment rental business is needed to meet these needs. Some of the equipment often rented includes:

  • Crane rentals
  • Lift rentals
  • Track hoe rentals
  • Dump truck rentals
  • Tool rentals
  • Power rentals
  • Video monitoring rentals
  • and more
Video Equipment rental Insurance

If you rent video equipment, cameras, projectors, or other audio / video supplies, there are important insurance considerations to discuss with your agent.

  • It is important to consider if your equipment is covered whether in use, transit, or even storage.
  • Another consideration is weather damage, accidental damage, and fire.
  • Insurance will cover for loss or damage to equipment, it may not pay for a unit that is returned in non functioning condition.

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