Central Florida Apartment Building Owners Insurance Coverages

Commercial Insurance

V.W. Gould Agency, Inc. has competitive markets and customized programs for apartment complexes. For a no obligation quote on Commercial Insurance call (386) 734 3970

If you are an apartment owner contact Gould Agency for a customized insurance quote for your unique needs. We enable you to choose tailored coverage for your specific property and business needs. Some of the popular insurance coverage’s associated with apartment complexes include Business Property, Business Liability, Business Crime, and Building Ordinance. At Gould we can custom tailor an apartment complex insurance policy to you and your specific needs.

Business Property Insurance

It is important to have insurance coverage for the unexpected, whether it may be theft, windstorm, hurricane, fire, or flood. In the instance that your building is damaged or your office contents are destroyed, it may be difficult to house tenants or assist their concerns. Business Property Insurance protects the building, equipment, and income that you rely on.

Business Crime Insurance

This type of coverage is built to assist you with losses resulting from wrongdoing including theft, forgery, or even robbery by an employee or other third party. This includes insurance coverage for things like employee dishonesty and vandalism

Business Liability Insurance

Anyone who steps foot into your apartment complex can potentially file a claim or lawsuit for accidents, mistakes, or injuries involving you or your employees. Business Liability Insurance coverage provides coverage for your apartment complex in case of mistakes or accidents that may occur on premises including something as little as a slip and fall.

Building Ordinance Insurance

Building Ordinance Insurance Coverage offers protection for the increased cost to comply with a building ordinance or law when you perform repairs or remodel the structure after a catastrophe.

Every business is different. At V.W. Gould Agency we pride ourselves in being able to custom tailor an insurance policy to your unique needs no matter what industry you are in.


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