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There are many ideas and misconceptions people have about home insurance. As a homeowner it is important to learn all the facts to make sure that you attain adequate coverage for your home and possessions. The best way to be sure that you are attaining proper coverage is to speak with an independent insurance agency such as V.W. Gould Agency, Inc.

  1. Home insurance does not cover flood damage. In order to attain flood insurance coverage a separate flood insurance policy must be purchased.
  2. The medical payments section of your homeowners insurance policy provide protection if a guest is injured on your property. You and your family do not have coverage if you are injured on your own property
  3. It is important to make an inventory list of your possessions. When you file a claim you will be asked to list all of the lost items. In order to ensure you do not forget anything it is important to prepare a list of your possessions.
  4. One claim may not result in your premium increasing. However, if you multiple claims are filed there is a good chance your premium will increase. It is important to always estimate the costs of repairs before filing a claim.
  5. Homeowners insurance does not necessarily includes all valuables such as jewelry and furs. It is important to note that home insurance has a limit on the coverage of valuables. If particular possessions are worth more than that amount, you should purchase additional coverage for those items.
  6. Your home insurance policy does not cover mold or other damages associated with poor maintenance. You are responsible for the maintenance of your home.
  7. When considering flood insurance it is important to note that flood insurance is not only for those who live in flood zones. Flooding can happen anywhere, especially in the state of Florida.
  8. In most cases it is not a good idea to reduce your coverage in order to save on your premium. It is important to always be adequately insured.
  9. It is important the coverage on your dwelling be based around the replacement cost of your house.
  10. If you are considering a mortgage on your home, most lenders may require you to purchase homeowners insurance. However, it is usually up to you to attain proper coverage.

In order to attain a competitive homeowners insurance quote it is important you speak with your local Trusted Choice insurance agent. Gould is ready to assist Florida residents with their home insurance needs. For a no obligation quote feel free to contact us today at (386)734 3970.

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