The Difference Between Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance

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Is commercial auto insurance necessary for my business? This is a common question among business owners.

commercial, vehicle, insuranceThe answer to this question depends on the kinds of vehicles you and your employees use in day to day operations and in what regard they are used for. Commercial auto and personal auto share many similar traits.

Personal Auto Insurance Policies

Personal auto insurance is designed around the need of the consumer as an individual or family. In the event of an accident, it provides the funds to fix your vehicle, pay for any accident related medical expenses, and pays for any liability associated with the accident.

Getting a personal auto insurance policy is fairly simple. The information needed for this type of policy includes Vehicle VIN number, basic driver information and the make and model of the vehicle.

Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

A commercial auto insurance policy is needed for any company that uses commercial trucks or business vehicles in day to day operations. Commercial auto insurance is designed around the needs of the business. Commercial companies do not register vehicles the same as a personal vehicle. In most cases, a commercial auto policy has greater protection than the amount provided on a personal plan. In some instances, a company may have as many as several hundred drivers, all covered under the commercial auto policy. Commercial auto policies tend to be more expensive than personal policies. This is because of the higher limits and the fact that it may require coverage for 10 or more drivers.

Some of the businesses covered by V.W. Gould’s commercial auto insurance programs include:
  • Bus Insurance
  • Limo Insurance
  • Commercial Truck Insurance
  • Fuel Hauler Insurance
  • Dump Truck Insurance
  • Tow Truck Insurance
  • Church Bus Insurance
  • Public Auto Insurance
  • Taxi Insurance
  • Police Vehicle Insurance
  • and other types of Commercial Auto

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