Common Questions for Florida Commercial Truck Insurance

  1. FLORIDA, TRUCKERS, INSURANCEI am starting a commercial trucking business in the state of Florida. What coverages are required? $1 Million commercial auto liability, $1000 Deductible Physical Damage Coverage, $100,000 Motor Truck Cargo, $1,000 Deductible, Non Owned Trailer Coverage.
  2. In order to operate my long haul trucking business in all 48 states, what permits are required? FMSCA MC Authority with a DOT number, IRP, SSRS (Single State Registration) and IFTA.
  3. Is it possible to obtain insurance coverage for personal items inside my truck? The answer is yes. Depending on what insurer you are placed with, many of them have an option to include coverage for these items.
  4. If I were to relocate out of Florida, would I have to start over on Insurance? This depends on the company you are placed with. Let us know as soon as you can if you are going to re locate.
  5. What are the benefits of purchasing coverage with an independent agency like Gould? We are an independent agency. This means we are able to survey the entire truckers insurance market and find a policy that fits your specific trucking needs.
  6. Is it possible to obtain trucking insurance with a bad driving record or DUI? Yes it is definitely possible. We have the capability to build a policy for just about any driver.
  7. What is unidentified trailer insurance coverage? This entails any trailer that is not owned or long term leased by you, the truck driver / operator.

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