Preparing Your Boat for Spring

Boat Preparation

Florida Boat Vessel InsuranceBeing a Florida resident in the midst of the spring season is an exciting time. As the weather begins to warm up, many boating enthusiasts will be taking to the water for the very first time this year.

Whether you are heading to the lake to do some skiing or fresh water fishing, salt water fishing, or just cruising around and taking in the magnificent Florida scenery, boating gives people the opportunity to get away from day to day distractions and stresses. Part of the relief that comes with boating is knowing you are protected and insured.

Boat insurance is an important aspect of boating as it protects you and your vessel from accidents, thefts, and the unknown. Florida residents are faced with many perils when taking to the water and it is important to be prepared for the worst.

It is important to know that your boat is not covered under your homeowners insurance policy, but is a separate policy known as boat insurance.

Depending on what type of vessel you are insuring every boat owner will have different needs as well as desired amount of coverage. It is also important to know that savings can be found when you combine your boat insurance with home insurance or your car insurance policy.

When preparing to take to the waters there are many safety tips that will prepare you when taking to the waters.

  • Fuel System – It is important to check your fuel system for leaks or damages. Make sure to pay special attention to fuel hoses, connections as well as tank surfaces. Evidence of damaged fuel lines include brittleness, cracking or softness.
  • Belts – Belts and cables are also important to check. Belts and Cables may become brittle as well and subject to cracking. Belts should have a snug fit around pulleys.
  • Fluid Levels – Check all of your fluid levels. This includes: oil, power trim, coolant, and power steering. Make sure to change your engine oil, oil filter, as well as drive lubricants.
  • Electrical – Corrosion can be a sign that your connection may not be safe. Inspect all of your electrical components for cleanliness and tightness.
  • Propeller and Hull – Be sure to check your propeller for any damage including dings, distortion or cracks. When inspecting you hull make sure to look for blisters, distortions or small cracks.
  • Safety Gear – Make sure to check all of your life jackets to ensure they are not dry rotted and that they are in good condition. It is very important to make sure each individual has the right size life jacket for their body weight.

At V.W. Gould Agency we offer a wide variety of insurance options including wakeboard boat, bass boat, yacht, ski boat, pwc, jet boat, sailboats, commercial vessels, and more.

Lastly it is important to know that damage can happen out of the water or even while towing. These perils are covered by boat insurance as well.

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