Florida Homeowners Insurance – A Very Competitive Market


When it comes to Homeowners insurance there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Real Estate Market
  • Flooding
  • Thunderstorms
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Wildfires
  • Tropical Storms

Many assume that there is no such thing as cheap home insurance. With Florida having some of the highest insurance rates in the country, this is a very understandable feeling. All hope is not lost. It is important as a homeowner that you shop rates between companies and compare coverage’s so that you have the best policy for your specific needs as a Florida Homeowner. Because of the fact that Florida is known for having such high rates it is important that you are educated on how to play the game of attaining reasonable Homeowners Quote in Florida.

Florida Has Some of the Highest Home Insurance Risks in the Country

Florida residents need to be aware that it is not only the insurance companies fault for high insurance rates. In fact, when looking for someone to blame, people should be focusing a lot of their attention on mother nature. Some of the prominent perils that Florida is faced with are listed below:

  • Thunderstorms: Florida has some of the highest thunderstorm frequency and lightning strikes in the United States
  • Hurricanes: Florida is also known for its hurricanes. In fact, Florida experiences a higher rate of hurricanes than any other state in the country. Florida has been struck by at least one hurricane 141 out of the last 159 years.
  • Wild Fires: The risk of Wildfires in Florida has increased as the population pushes inland from the coasts
  • Flooding: More than 80% of the Florida population lives in areas that are a very high risk for flooding.
  • Tornadoes: Florida experiences more tornadoes than any other state.

Shopping for Homeowners insurance in Florida

For many homeowners it is very difficult to find home insurance in Florida. With all of the perils our sunshine state is faced with insurance finding competitive insurance is very difficult. One sobering fact to consider is that Florida has fallen victim to 6 of the 10 costliest hurricanes in our country’s history. In fact, the cost of these hurricanes is estimated to be more than 181 trillion dollars. That is a very staggering and scary number for insurance companies. It is important as a FL homeowner that you utilize your resources when shopping for a competitive home insurance rate.

Getting a Florida Homeowners Insurance Quote Online

With home insurance rates going higher than ever it is important to attain quotes from varying companies to compare rates. At V.W. Gould Agency we pride ourselves in being an independent Insurance Agency. This means we represent multiple Florida home insurance companies and are able to shop rates and compare quotes for you between the many A-rated companies we represent. It is free of cost to you. For a free quote on Florida homeowners insurance fill out a quote today. Click here for a free quote or give us a call today! 386 734 3970

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