Interesting things covered by your homeowners insurance

home insurance interestingIf your home is damaged as a result of a fallen tree or fire, you probably expect your homeowners insurance to provide coverage. While that is true, you may not be aware of other incidents your home insurance covers:

Missing Luggage

Many travel horror stories include the unfortunate loss of luggage by the airline. Arriving home to the state of Florida only to find that your luggage has ended up somewhere hundreds or even thousands of miles away is not a good way to end a trip. While your insurance may not be able to make your luggage appear before your eyes, they are able to assist you by refunding much of the worth of your belongings.


This may be a grim thought, but if you purchased the cemetery plot in which your loved one was buried, their tombstone or grave marker is considered your property. This means it is covered under your homeowners insurance if damage is sustained. In most instances, your insurance company will pay up to $5,000 in repairs.

Spoiled Food

Although this does not cover the bananas on your counter top that have been steadily turning black, homeowners insurance can cover spoiled food under certain circumstances. Specifically being, if your home loses power long enough to cause your refrigerated foods to go bad. This means that if you find that your ice cream has melted all over your freezer after a particularly long black out, you are able to give your insurance company a call. Most policies will cover a loss of up to $500 worth of food.

Your College Students Belongings 

Home insurance doesn’t only cover the property currently in your house. If your son or daughter moves away to go to school, their belongings will still be covered. It is important to note that in most instances, your child has to be living in a college-owned property, such as a dorm room or other student housing.

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