Basic Fire Preparation Tips For Homeowners

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Preparing For Summertime Heat – What Really Happens In A House Fire

It takes less than 30 seconds for a small flame to become a major fire and threaten lives of people inside your home. When examining your fire preparation plan it is important to know the facts. According to the Deputy U.S. Fire Administrator Glenn Gaines, fires kill more Americans each year than all natural disasters in the U.S.

Even if lives are spared fire damage is not cheap. It can take up to $50,000 just to restore / rebuild a kitchen that has been engulfed in flames.

In most instances you only have 5 minutes to escape the flames. As homeowners it is easy to feel comfortable with the basic fire warning equipment we have installed in our homes. It is important to know that this is not enough.

Basic Fire Tips:

  • Never play with matches or lighters
  • Make sure your home has plenty of smoke detectors
  • Do not overload electrical outlets or extension cords
  • Never smoke in bed
  • Keep fire extinguishers easily accessible
  • Determine an escape plan
  • Never go back into a house that is already on fire
  • Make sure your family know your home address as well as how to call for emergency help
  • Teach your children what to do in case they catch on fire
  • When exiting a burning house, before opening a door be sure to determine if the door knob is heated. If the door is hot to touch, you do not want to open the door.
  • Keep low if smoke is present
  • Have a family meeting several times a year so that everyone remembers what to do in case there is a fire

Having The Right Homeowners Insurance

V.W. Gould Agency is here to make sure you have the right insurance in place in case you ever face an event such as a fire as a homeowner. Florida is very prone to fire risk, especially during the warm and dry summertime months.

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