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Liquor Liability is a very important insurance coverage for businesses involved in the alcohol business such as bars, taverns, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs. Call us today for a free no obligation quote at (386) 734 3970

Owning a restaurant that serves alcohol can be a perilous endeavor. Businesses that deal with alcohol can be held responsible for injury or property damage resulting from their customers consumption of liquor. It is important that as a restaurant owner you have proper liquor liability insurance coverage.

In many instances claims involve damages that are a result of actions of an intoxicated individual. An example is when a lawsuit is filed by someone involved in a crash caused by someone else who was intoxicated.

It is important to note that liquor liability coverage is in most cases, usually specifically excluded from general liability insurance policies. This type of insurance is also excluded from instances where liquor is served illegally, such as an accident caused by an drunk driver who is underage.

Florida Liquor liability insurance may be attached to a general liability insuranc policy as a rider or purchased as a stand alone insurance policy.

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Call us today for a free no obligation quote 386 734 3970

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