Why A DeLand Independent Insurance Agent?

August 6, 2011

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Independent Insurance Agent

Did you know?

Not all DeLand insurance agencies sell more than one brand of insurance. Most agencies represent exclusively only one company. Therefore, they can only offer one price with no policy comparison. You don’t know if you are getting the best deal for the dollar with just one phone call. After taking the time to answer all of their questions you would then have to call other agents to get more options and prices.

However at V.W. Gould Agency, the independent agents have the ability to save you time, energy and headaches as they have multiple coverage options and affordable prices available to you right away. They will answer any and all questions you may have about comparing policies to find the right protection to fit your personal needs. Offering more tailored customer service and support when you need it the most.

When starting out on your own, life changes your policy needs from renters and buying an auto to starting a business quick, but a licensed independent agent can keep up with many different types insurance to compare. Before you know it you find yourself looking at marriage, buying a home, health, life and retirement policies with your experienced agent. There is no reason to wonder if you should change agencies to get the needed insurance. Your independent insurance agent has the ability to compare policies, coverage and savings for you at any time throughout their years of valued service with you.

Since V. W. Gould Agency has been in business for over 100 years in Deland you have probably seen them out and about in town.  The independent agents from V. W. Gould Agency often are a person that earned your trust and friendship long ago; you might have even gone to school with them in DeLand. Because of the long history you have together you know if there is ever a need to make an insurance claim they will have your back. Not just because it’s their job but because they are your loyal friend whom cares about you. The professional agents at V. W. Gould Agency are the ones that will go above and beyond their job description for you. They call you by name, never asking for your policy number because they know who you are. They may even recognize your voice when you call.

For over a century V. W. Gould Agency has provided a service that will go the extra mile for you, your family and the DeLand community.

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