Hurricane Preparedness Week

Importance of Hurricane Preparedness in the state of Florida

HURRICANE INSURANCEIt is important to know the importance of hurricane awareness and preparedness. History has shown that lack of is a common thread among many Hurricane disasters. One of the best ways to reduce the disastrous effects of hurricanes is to know your vulnerability and what actions you should take in the event of a hurricane.

A hurricane is the result of a tropical cyclone or severe tropical storm stemming from the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is important to note that all Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico areas are prone to hurricanes.

Hurricanes can cause severe – catastrophic damage to the coastlines and even several hundreds of miles inland.

The hazards associated with hurricanes present themselves in many forms including:

  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Storm Surge
  • Inland Flooding
  • High Winds
  • Rip Currents
  • Tornadoes

It is vital that your family is ready for a storm before it approaches.

Some tips to prepare include:

  • Create an emergency family communication plan
  • Know whether your property is prone to flooding or not
  • Secure your property
  • Make sure that all loose objects in your yard are secured
  • Trim all trees and shrubs around your home
  • Install a generator for emergencies
  • Cover your homes windows using storm shutters or boards. Another option is to use laminated glass. *Tape does not prevent windows from breaking
  • Learn your surroundings
  • Learn your community hurricane evacuation routes and how to navigate to higher ground
  • Reinforce your garage door

For more information on Hurricane Preparedness week visit Ready.Gov

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