Car Insurance and Planning for the Unexpected

Florida car crash insurance cheap quote

The Significance of Car Insurance

Florida car crash insurance cheap quoteAre you a Florida resident and the owner of a car? If you answered yes you will most definitely know the importance of car insurance. When purchasing a new car off the showroom floor it has been made compulsory that the cost of insurance has to be paid by the owner of the car for one year.

Just this week our good buddy Robert from Tennessee witnessed a vehicle suffer from mechanical malfunction and drive right through the front door of a gas station. He went on to say that had it not been for him running out of gas on the way to the station there is a good chance he would have been in the vehicles path. All people involved were very fortunate as there were only minor injuries and the gas station was back up and running only a few hours after the accident.

It’s times and events like these that show us just how important insurance is and the peace of mind brought with it. We do not live in a perfect world and vehicles can suffer from mechanical malfunctions at any given moment. It is important that in the case of a mal-function such as this that you have the right insurance. It is also important to note that the importance of liability insurance as well as commercial insurance in an instance such as this.

Some different types of car insurance are listed below:

Bodily Injury Liability – This type of insurance will cover the injury that occurred to the driver of another vehicle. In the unfortunate case that your are the driver and end up in an accident with another vehicle resulting in injury to the driver of that vehicle, your insurance company will bear the cost of the hospitalization charges for the injury that was caused.

Personal Injury Protection – This type of car insurance is similar to the previous type listed. In this case, when your car meets with an accident, you along with all the other occupants of your vehicle will be covered by your insurance company for medical treatments under this type of policy.

Property Damage Liability – This type of car insurance policy will cover the vehicle of the other party in the unfortunate case your car ends up in an accident. In this case, the other vehicles repair charges will be paid by your insurance company in case you are in fault. Although your car will not have coverage and you will be responsible for the cost of repairs for your car.

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