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HIGH, VALUE, HOME, INSURANCE, FLORIDAWith specialty markets in high value home insurance look no further than Gould to cover your fine built home. At Gould we make sure that your high value home has adequate coverage.

It is important that when shopping this type of coverage that you speak with agents who are specialized in the field as insuring a high value home most often does not fit the mold of most cookie cutter home insurance policies. With over 100 years in the field you can be sure that with Gould your home has adequate coverage.

For a feel quote on Florida high value home insurance feel free to call us today at (386) 734 3970

The difference between a standard home insurance policy and high value home insurance policy

High value homeowners insurance provides the same coverage offered by a standard policy and more. In the unfortunate event that your home is damaged or needs to be rebuilt, this coverage allows you to rebuild your home to its previous state of value.

This type of coverage also offers adequate coverage for contents. When it comes to most standard home insurance policies, when it comes to contents and your personal belongings exceed the standard or offered amounts, you might might be forced to endorse or add riders to cover the additional value. High value home insurance offers full coverage without the need to add these endorsements which will save you money.

Some of the coverage’s associated with this type of home insurance policy include:

High value home insurance policies are built around your needs. There are several coverage options available to provide adequate and full coverage.

  • Flood Insurance
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
  • Vacation Home Coverage
  • Coverage For Your Pets

For a free quote on high value home insurance feel free to give us a call today at (386) 734 3970

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